Roadshows & events

Together with our partner SRI-Connect we provide the following services:


  • Equity and debt sustainability roadshows – buyside outreach

Full management and organisation of a virtual roadshow to meet demand with buy-side ESG equity and debt investors. Investor and analyst targeting, profiling and feedback. With over 20 years experience in roadshow management and execution, we have an extensive network that includes private client fund managers, smaller institutions and regional pension funds as well as larger institutional investor pools across the globe. Being independent we have no broker tiering.

  • Net zero fireside chat – communicate your net zero ambitions and act on them

To help companies effectively communicate their ambition to become Net Zero and how they plan to get there in a moderated ‘Fireside Chat’ session with investors and investment analysts. This is an informal alternative to the traditional corporate presentations providing a well-attended moderated discussion.

  • Sell-side SRI roadshow – be proactive with SRI market influencers

To ensure that your company has communicated its sustainability message effectively to the specialist SRI analysts at ‘sell-side’ brokers whose research is widely influential within the market.

  • SRI agency & analyst roadshow – take control of agency dialogue

Conduct a virtual roadshow to ensure you have communicated your sustainability message effectively to the analysts at independent SRI research agencies; to have the opportunity to communicate your performance and exposures within the context of your business rather than on terms set by the agencies; to get to know the agencies and analysts who cover your stock and to initiate a dialogue for more effective future communication.

  • Sustainability results webinar – in-depth performance communication

To ensure that all SRI investors and analysts have heard about your company’s sustainability performance in a way that enables you to communicate context and depth; to give investors and analysts time to feed back on their needs and ask questions.

  • Thematic panels and seminars – ESG focused events

Showcase your ESG achievements in a seminar giving investors a chance to hear from your management and sustainability teams globally. We can help you identify key themes and actions and suggest subject matter experts to help communicate your message. 


For further information and pricing on any of these services please contact: