AxS Outsourcing

Our partnership with sellside, buyside and corporates 

"It is in society’s best interests to have the most output produced with the least inputs.” Warren Buffet




Finding the resource for content providers can be both timely and costly for your business - outsource to InterAxS

Our 'plug and play' offering delivers events for buyside, sellside, corporates and industry, providing an alternative to the traditional fixed cost model

Using our wealth of experience and comprehensive network, we produce high quality content on order which can be independently branded to help leverage your own relationships

We work with media companies to produce virtual events using the latest technology

All events available on request



Corporate Roadshows

With over 20 years experience in roadshow management and execution, we have an extensive network that includes private client fund managers, smaller institutions and regional pension funds as well as larger institutional investor pools across the globe.  Being independent we have no broker tiering 

Using our own proprietary data and investor relationships, we aim to strengthen your share register and enhance share price performance by connecting companies with a real mandate for investment

All meetings organised by InterAxS are highly targeted to ensure the best use of time for both management and the investor community 

We offer roadshows in equity and debt and SRI and corporate governance roadshows in person and virtually

Roadshows are charged to the corporate 


Analyst Hosting Opportunities 

We understand that time spent with investors and experts is of utmost value to research analysts.  We provide the opportunity to moderate an InterAxS event, potentially showcasing a piece of your research

Speaking or moderating at our events gives you a platform to bridge communication efforts across the investor space

As a collaboration with InterAxS Global, this service is free of charge



Commissions and Sponsorship 

InterAxS is looking for external sponsors - put your name on to one of our events for branding and direct marketing to the investment community or commision us and have direct involvement in the shaping of an event

Prices available on request