Helping you prepare for a sustainable future in a changing world


Curation uses a unique combination of artificial intelligence and human editors to curate from over 80,000 sources and picks out the most pertinent information relevant for your business. They write abstractive summaries, around 100 words long - and where appropriate, add insight, providing updates on matters to most to you and your business. They value lateral thinking and identify sustainability trends long before they become breaking news. 

The following products are avaliable:

  • Curation Consult

A team of experienced writers will keep your company ahead of the curve, save valuable time and provide you with an outsource solution delivering professional communications. The Curation white-labelled service can be used for delivering CEO newsletters, blogs, press releases, corporate communications and social media.  

  • Curation Professional

Content is categorised based on the 17 United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals while also addressing corporate governance. It is updated with 200 + articles weekly. Fully searchable and allows you to effortlessly produce content for your own briefings or blogs. 

  • Curation Professional+ 

Professional+, you get all the features of Curation Professional, but with extra benefits. Curation can tailor and follow themes of your choosing to save you valuable time. The team will work with you to deliver the content in a format that matches your organisational requirements - via an API, email briefings or via the Curation platform. 

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