IR and CSR training & market intelligence 

Together with our partner SRI-Connect we provide the following services:


  • Training – guidance for IROs and CSRs

A half-day course on Sustainable Investment for Investor Relations helps IROs understand current and future trends in sustainable investment and prepares them to target investors, shape messages and organise sustainable investment briefings and roadshows.

  • ESG agency advisory – understanding leads to efficiency

Understand how each of the major ESG ratings agencies operates and thereby how to prioritise your engagement with them so that they receive the most valuable and impactful information on your company. This service will provide calls with former senior research staff from each of the major ESG ratings agencies to help you understand processes, practices and priorities.

  • Impact valuation – understand your strengths and areas for improvement

To establish as a baseline how investor stakeholders perceive your company’s sustainability exposures and performance. Evaluation the impact of your current SRI communications practices and benchmark those against peers and best market practice to identify areas of potential improvement. 


For further information and pricing on any of these services please contact: